Monday, November 27, 2006

Tv assignment #5

I very loved this program, ‘Friends’, because it reflects normal people’s life of this world. Every one of these characters live in an apartment, some people alone and others with a roommate, everyone has a work and search love.

This very fun gang made me realizes that it is interesting to watch English television shows. Before I took the time to watch a little bit of English, I believed that I didn’t understand anything. Now I realize that if I focus, I am capable to understand the principal ideas. It is normal that with a baby, I don’t have a lot of time to watch English programs and to concentrate. I didn’t watch just Friends in English, I watch too the programs that my boyfriend watches. He always loved to watch TV in English.

I propose this show to everyone who has never watched an English TV show. People talk a little bit fast, but it is easy to understand what they say. A good plus is that this program is very funny. You know what they say: the best way to learn is to have fun!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tv Journal assignment #4

The character that I chose is Rachel

After a walk with Monica and Phoebe, we met the boys at the restaurant where we saw Ben’s picture, the son of Ross and his ex-wife. He was so cute in diapers. In evening, a barbecue was organizied for my birthday. I received many presents, but the one that I loved is the one that Ross gave me. His present was a brooch. One day when we walked, we saw this brooch in the window and I told him that it was the same as the one from my grandmother. I was very happy that he remembered. Unfortunately he wasn’t here for the barbecue, because he went to China. I would be very happy to see him, because Chandler said told that Ross fell in love with me. I was going to meet him at the airport, but I missed him. One week later I fetched him at the airport, but I saw him with another woman.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tv Journal assignment 2

The one with the blackout

In this episode, New York City is having a blackout. During this power failure Chandler was stuck in a vestibule with a Victoria Secret’s model. He wanted to talk to her, but he did not know what to say. He mumbled and said anything. During this time Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and Monica were in Monica’s apartment. Ross tried to become closer to Rachel but he could not do it. He decided to take Joey’s advice and go to talk to Rachel. He tried many times to tell Rachel that he loved her. Rachel unfortunately met a beautiful Greek man.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tv Journal assignment 1

My favourite english Tv show

The program that I chose is ‘Friends’. This TV show is easy to watch and to understand. The characters have a good articulation and they speak slowly. We can identify ourselves in them. We are about the same age and our life is similar. The characters of this program are very engaging and funny. They put humour in their daily life.

The episode that I watched is the pilot of the series. It tells the story of two characters. First, we see Ross, a young man who just got divorced. Secondly, there is Rachel, who left her fiancé at church. The other people of this series are Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. These friends are very close with each other.